Which Should You Choose? Comparing the Best 5 Wireless Headphones

Everyone loves music. You can even find yourself picking your earphones or raising the volume of your speakers just to enjoy good music. Headphones are very important especially for people who spend so much time listening to music. The main problem with these devices though is that there are wires that make it inconvenient to listen to music. Fortunately, wireless headphones are already on the market. Here are the best of its class.

1. Koss JR900

The Koss JR900 is one of the best wireless headphones on the market and is noted for its high quality. It is powered by rechargeable batteries and utilizes radio frequency for a maximum range of wireless listening. On top of the cool features and reliable support, Koss also offers a lifetime warranty.

2. LTB Q-Home-FX

It is one of the best when it comes to delivering high quality sound and reliable features. It has 8 radio frequency channels that allow it to have the best quality sound. It also has very effective over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones that make the audio more clear and crisp. However, this device is not aesthetically attractive and there are reports that the device breaks easily.

3. Sony MDR-DS6000


Wireless Headphones

Sony is a very popular brand and it is well known for its creation of high quality products. This particular product is very efficient in transmitting audio from almost every device that transmits sound. Aside from producing good quality sound, it is also very comfortable to use. Incredible support and features make it stand out among others. It has one flaw though – it interferes with the connection of other wireless digital devices, such as the Xbox.

4. Sennheiser RS 180

Another wireless headphone with top-of-the-crop sound quality is the Sennheiser RS 180. It is very easy to use. You just need to plug its transmitter to any device, turn on the headphone, and you can begin listening to terrific audio. It does not interfere with other wireless devices and its design is certainly top of the class. It has a very short range though. The audio becomes poor as soon as you leave its optimum range.

5. Pioneer SE-DIR800C

When it comes to sound quality, this device will certainly give you a run for your money. It has a Dolby surround sound quality which can make any music enthusiast really happy. The design is also very sleek and well thought of. Though this device is incomparable when it comes to sound quality, it is not all brilliant. Since the device uses infrared technology, you will need to be close to the audio source, making this wireless device not so portable.



These are the top wireless headphones on the market right now. These devices are certainly good additions to your gadgets if you want to have top-notch listening all the time. Use these devices and listening to music will never be the same again.

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5 Affordable Date Ideas that Won’t Break Your Bank

Spending time with your partner is one of the things that can strengthen a relationship. Dating is one way to spend quality time with your loved one. However, dating can be costly. Then again, you can still be creative and date your loved one without spending too much. Here are 5 ways to do it:

One great date idea is to spend the morning together and jog around the neighborhood or park. Both of you do not only spend time together, but also stay fit together. After you are done with your run, you can visit a coffee shop for a quick breakfast and a warm drink.


Have a fancy dinner at home

Dining in a restaurant can be expensive. If you want to have a romantic dinner without spending a lot, then it is best to do it at home. You can create a set up that both of you want. If you want a candle light dinner, then you just put out the lights and light candles on the table. You can also spend quality time by preparing the food together.

Another romantic and affordable date idea is having picnic in the park. You get to spend time with your loved one at daytime. Preparation is very important if you opt to do this. You can cook your own food and bring it with you. Also, if you want to surprise your partner, you can order from local restaurant the foods you both want to eat and have it delivered to the park.


Affordable dates

Dating does not always entail going out. You can just stay at home and spend some time together and do things the both of you love. You can do chores together. This is not only productive, but also strengthens your bond.

If you and your partner are book lovers, then you can spend time in the libraryaisles. You can read books together. Furthermore, if you do not have any other plans for the rest of the day, you take some ideas from the “Kama Sutra” book lying on the library shelf. Remember that sex is still one of the best ways to keep the relationship strong, and this book can definitely give you a lot of new information that you can try in the bedroom.

Dating does not need to be expensive. What is important is not how grandiose it is, but the time you get to spend with your loved one. Spending time together is important as it strengthens the relationship and you get to know your partner better.

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Yoga Apps to Get You Going Even Outside the Studio

Achieving a good yoga session used to strictly be done inside the studio for several reasons. Even now, some people still think it’s strictly made to be done online within the studio room. However, schedules could get less flexible yet you still want to find even a quick time for doing yoga to relieve you from stress. This is possible! It has now been made possible because of the yoga apps that are developed to help you achieve a good session even if you’re just at home. Here are some of the apps that you should try checking out:



This is an app that allows you to choose from 5 class programs at a very affordable price. You can also get the entire collection for less than $10. It’s an app that’s designed to actually give you a worthwhile yoga session using the sample classes that you can find from the app or the paid ones according to your choice. And must I say, this app is designed very beautifully and simply to make it easier for you to use it.



If you want to go to a yoga session and you’re not sure if there’s one available from where you’re at, this app will surely help you find them. It’s like a Google map but only for yoga sessions! Not only do they tell you where but it also allows you to find out the schedule, the teachers and all the other information that you need to know in order to participate without missing out on anything!



Ever heard that made possible before? Well now it is completely possible. All you need to do is grab your phone or your device and get this app going to start feeling calm in the morning or whenever you are in bed – even when you’ve just waken up and just wearing your pajamas.



This one is a good app with 26 poses of the practice which will definitely get you on the yoga moment. There are options wherein you can time yourself to make sure that you get a lot or less done as needed. You can definitely take this anywhere you go and get your yoga session on the run.

Getting a good yoga session at the beginning or end of the week is nice. But when you can do it anytime and anywhere you want, that would be even more ideal. You can get the freedom and the assurance that no matter where you are, when you need a good stress-free moment of silence and tranquility, you can definitely achieve that because you have your yoga apps all ready for use.

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5 Must-Read Personal Finance Books That Help

Each one of us needs his or her own financial bible to guide us through the tough ups and downs of money management. Whether you’re trying your luck in the world of business or you’re already struggling with your own finances, you might want to read some of these latest finance books that will surely give you more reasons to enjoy managing your own money.


Generation Earn by Kimberly Palmer

This might be the perfect book for young professionals who are trying to keep their financial position on tip-top shape by saving more to live a more frugal life and support their families. The book will be your ultimate guide to the basic problems that most of us usually encounter when it comes to money – from earning more money, paying off debts, when to buy a home, and even to sharing your finances with romantic partners.


Psych Yourself Rich by Farnoosh Torabi

Ever get boggled up thinking why you give in to unwanted spending habits and cannot just stop doing them all over again? Psych Yourself Rich will tell you not only the reasons why but also how you should be able to deal with these tendencies. Get insights from behavioral economists themselves or even from ordinary consumers and learn from their own life experiences as you become more rational in your decisions when confronted with financial problems.


The Real Cost of Living by Carmen Wong Ulrich

This easy-to-read book by Ulrich is the financial book for those families out there who are in the brink of making big financial decisions in their lives. It will help you realize how most of our habits and lifestyle choices, such as starting a business of your own or having a baby, could cost us greatly. It will even get you through the idea of “motherhood penalty” where mothers feel financially burdened with their children.


The Ten Commandments of Money by Liz Pulliam Weston

If you are someone who is still planning to venture into managing your own finances, then this book is for you. The Ten Commandments will provide you with easy-to-understand advice, fit for financial beginners like you. It will also walk you through the term “credit score”, how to analyze it, and how to use it to your advantage.


Get Financially Naked by Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kednar

This book will make women out there realize why they often trust their male partners too well that they even do recklessly so with their money as well. But before you make the greatest mistake of entrusting your finances on the wrong guy, read this book and answer essential questions – from moving in with your partner together to finally getting married – that will help you realize which decisions you should make.

Anyone doesn’t need to go through seemingly chaotic financial situations alone. Just choose the right books that fits your situation right and you will never have to consider managing your finances a burden.

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Top 5 Open Source Software for Your Small Business

Gone are the days when everything has to be done manually because there was no other way. With the invention of the computers, tasks that used to take too long takes only a fraction of the time now. Gone are also the days when you have to buy every software just to be able to work fast without breaking the law. Thanks to the open source community, the really small businesses got the chance by not having to spend for software programs. The other good thing about open source is that there is no chance that malicious code is hidden there somewhere.


Web browser for your internet activity

Almost all people in the city are connected to the internet, one way or another. Some even get connected while mobile. Even the grade school kids are flocking the internet shops playing their favorite game. It is safe to say that small more business owners are getting online today than yesterday. The internet, though, has been a great source of malwares and viruses. Unless you’re using Linux or a Mac, you are likely to be infected especially if you do not have virus/malware detector/cleaner. Among all the browsers available, Mozilla Firefox is totally open source, non-commercial and independent. Google Chrome loads faster but has the tendency to send false malware alerts blocking your site first before sending you a notice. Unless you’re on Linux, use Firefox.


Accounting software to do the computations

Any business has some accounting job, managing finances like taxes, expenses, sales, gross income and net income are all numbers that can be endless and tiring. Using TurboCash Accounting, business life is easier because you can handle it and still do something else. It is 100% open source and free of cost, supporting 20 languages and 80 different tax regimes. It runs on Windows. Another good choice is LedgerSMB which runs on Linux but you can run it via a web browser from any Linux, Windows or Mac PC.


Data backup in case the main gets wiped out or corrupted

Data gets corrupted at a time when you needed it. Or so it seems. When you have data that is difficult to redo, you better have a backup software to save you time and worry. Redo Backup and Recovery runs from a bootable CD to back up any system and makes you restore even after a major failure. You can also move your OS, applications and all files to a larger capacity hard drive or even to a different machine with just one click.


Office suit for standard office needs

LibreOffice is the free counterpart of MS Office, and it’s free, running on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It has everything you need with a plus factor: you can control the layout using styles so changing a style changes all with the same style.

Drawing and image-editor

In any business, there are times when you need images or drawings for ads or for illustration purposes. Krita is one of the best among the open source drawing software programs with the capability to create comics and storyboards. A simpler one is Pinta. If you want something like Photoshop, go for GIMP.


Setting up a small business, you do not have to spend on software just to run your business efficiently. Even the operating system can be free using Linux. Use your money on something else instead, like marketing.

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